Foxx Pools by Oman, Inc 

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Fox Pools

The finest name in inground pools offered by Foxx Pools N' Ponds
Pick from the following pool styles.

Rectangle Pools
Rectangle pools include standard rectangles,
sport rectangles, radius rectangle pools,
Grecian rectangles, and Roman rectangles.
Fox Free Form Pools  Free Form Pools
A free form pool includes traditional shaped pools such as kidneys and ovals but also adds a variety of newer designs such as the Lagoon, the Niagara, and the Crescent kidney.
Fox Garden Series Pools Garden Series Pools
The Fox Garden Series pools features some of the great shapes of standard Fox pools but in a compact design that is well suited for smaller spaces. Now you can get an in ground pool to fit your space.
Fox L Shaped Pools L Shaped Pools
Included in our L shaped pools are the Ninety L and the Lazy L.
Fox Autocover Pools AutoCover Pools
When it comes keeping your pool safely covered, nothing beats the Fox AutoCover pool. It's not just a pool with a cover, it's an integral system designed to keep your pool covered when you're not home or when you just want that extra level of protection. The Fox AutoCover pool opens and closes with the touch of a button and not only provides extra safety, it keeps heat in and reduces the evaporation of costly chemicals. Fox backs the AutoCover pool with a 20 year limited warranty on the mechanical system and a 7 year warranty on the cover material.